Online Dating Tips For the Single Woman Searching For Mr Right

If you have been struggling to find a man who is serious marriage material then this article is for you. Like you, I know of many women who are tired of playing the dating game on websites like You know the game do you not? You meet someone who you are attracted to at least for the moment, you two hit it off and then you find out after months of dating that he is either seeing someone else or has no real intention on marrying you. If this describes you then keep reading to discover these elementary steps to find your knight in shinning armor.

The first step in evaluating any potential person with whom you desire a relationship is determining if they are employed. I know this may sound strange but you might be surprised at how many women found men with good intentions and are now supporting them. It is absolutely ridiculous. The key here is not just does he have a job but does he have a long term history of keeping a job. Personally, I always like to look at their resumes. Why? Think about, most people operate in patterns.

This means that if they behave a certain way in one area of their lives, it is almost a given that they operate in others areas in the same manner. So, let’s say you find a man who has a job however you discover that he has had several jobs in the last 3 years. What does that tell you? If this is the case, one of two things might be true. First, he is a poor employee and gets fired a lot or second, he can’t commit long term. If either of these is true, do you really want to waste your time with him?

The second step in evaluating any potential person with whom you desire a relationship is determining if they can read. Like the first step, this step might also catch you off guard however before you pass judgment; I want you to consider the following quote. “The man who won’t read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.” Clearly in today’s time any man you mean should be able to read however the question really is does he read. In other words, does he have a regime of personal growth and development? You see most people stop learning after they leave school.

They invest more in the wardrobe then they invest in themselves. Do you want a man that looks good but is empty inside? Is he reading in an effort to acquire new skills to become a better man so that one day he can make someone, namely you a better husband? To be honest with you it really doesn’t matter if he reads or not because with the advent of modern technology he can get books on tape or CD. Audio books are just as good but the point is he growing as a person. Some one once told me you are either green and growing or ripe and rotting.

The bottom line is that no matter how much money you may save by using an eHarmony promotional code, if you will follow these basic steps and you’ll find Mr. Right without any stress, strain or struggle.